Manual Therapy


The cornerstone to our approach of physical therapy is the use of “hands on” manual therapy. This includes a variety of techniques including myofascial release, soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, dry needling, joint mobilizations, joint manipulation and more. Manual therapy is key to our patients success and healing.



Dry Needling


Triggerpoint dry needling is the use of a thin-filament muscle to help restore muscle function. The needle is inserted into a taut band of tissue that is found in your your muscle through palpation. This taut band of tissue usually causes pain and mobility restrictions. The needle elicits a local twitch response that in return will cause a mechanical and neuromusclature effect to decrease pain and improve muscle function.



Therapeutic Exercises


“Movement is Medicine” Without corrective exercises, your body will not heal. The goal of therapeutic exercise is to regain your strength, mobility and resolve compensations that have developed over time. Each patient will receive specific exercises related to their condition and their overall goal. The combination of exercise and manual therapy will get you the best results.



Sports Related Injury


Sport injuries are very common and do not just occur on the field or on the court. These injuries could be impeding your ability to squat at the gym, lift weights overhead or preventing you from participating in your next obstacle race. With our treatment model, we will determine the root cause of your pain and get you back to your activity as fast as possible. We collaborate and work closely with the CSCS Coaches at Olympia Fitness and Performance to provide the best plan of action for our athletes or active individuals.

Post-Operative Care

Restore Physical Therapy Post Operative Care

From total joint replacements to arthroscopic surgeries, we will help guide you through your recovery from the time you get home until the time your ready to get back to your active life. We will ensure your recovery is smooth and progressed appropriately to get you ready to return to your prior level of function without injury. 

Running Analysis


At Restore Physical Therapy we will analyze your running mechanics, address any potential risks displayed in your movement patterns and provide you with an appropriate program to keep you on track.

Mobility & Injury Risk Assessment


Are you suffering from the same injury or avoiding activities because of pain? If so a movement screen may be beneficial for you. Your therapist will complete a thorough screen of your body, looking at specific movements, testing your strength and mobility at each joint. After a thorough assessment we can determine some of the factors contributing to your pain or that could lead to injury and design a detailed home exercises program that is specific to each person. The goal of this is to prevent the risk of recurrent injuries and or pain.