Why runners should have their own Physical Therapist!


Why runners should have their own Physical Therapist!

Whether you are a distant runner, a sprinter or a triathlete you will most likely have to get through some sort of injury or annoying ache that comes along in your training. A physical therapist should be your GO TO person to get you through these obstacles!


Most importantly, PT’s can analyze your running mechanics and determine where there are imbalances in your stride or where there is a lack of control in the landing foot. 

We can complete a full body examination to determine why your gait may be off. It could be a weak hip muscle, a tight hip flexor or even the way your foot is hitting the ground. 

Not only can we determine the source of the problem but we can treat it immediately!

Specific exercises like the clamshell or standing hip abduction exercise will stabilize your pelvis when running and improve control with landing. You don’t have to get too fancy to address the right muscle group. If it’s weak it’s weak! 

Physical Therapists know the right manual techniques such as dry needling, taping techniques or fascial release techniques to get the pain under control. We can do the stuff you can’t do on your own!

We will also teach you how to address your pain immediately through self triggerpoint release with a lacrosse ball or foam roller. We will show you useful dynamic stretches to help open up your stride! 

Depending on your goal we can design the right program for you! Endurance runners need to do different things then a sprinter! There is no cookie cutter treatment for runners! It depends on the runner and their specific goals!

And lastly, we will be honest with you! We will tell you when you need to rest. We will tell you when to run and most importantly when to perform your rehab exercises! The ultimate goal of our plan is to get you back to your training fast as possible!

At Restore Physical Therapy, we will help keep running and feeling good while doing it!

Amanda Zarriello