Summer Travel Tips!

Summer Vacation is here and many of you have trips planned. You may be planning weekend getaways with friends or crossing things of your bucket list.  These are exciting events we look forward to but when it comes to traveling it can often mean more sitting, less sleep perhaps due to time zone changes, unhealthy eating and inconsistent workout routines or lack there of.

Vacations are so important mentally because it give us time away from our normal hectic routine, gives a chance to refresh and reboot. So we should try to also be mindful of our other healthy habits. I wanted to share some tips I tried to follow during my two week vacation to Italy with my family!. Check them out.

  1. Plan Activities that keep you moving. Whether it is a hike to a new spot or snorkeling for the first time. My family and I just came back from Italy and spent a full day hiking through the beautiful cities of Cinque Terre and biked around the medieval town of Lucca.

  2. Explore the places with walking and biking versus driving. It is easy to take the easy way out and take a cab or bus but if possible, walk to your next location or take a bike!

  3. Keeping moving: If you are going from one place to the next- there tends to be  more sitting. Try to get up, stretch, take a walk to the bathroom, do some body squats while waiting for a train.  Make it harder by holding your bag while squatting! People may look at you funny but this is a way to stay in shape!

  4. 20 minute Body Weight Workout- My husband and I did some push ups, body weight squats and jump rope during vacation. No need to have fancy equipment. But if you can get your heart rate up for just 20 minutes, you won’t feel as bad eating the next gelato or plate of pasta.

  5. Be Mindful of your food choices and drink water!  Planning a big dinner every night? Of course part of vacation is trying new foods and over indulging than normal. That is fine! Just try to eat lighter throughout the day. Try to add some veges and fruits!

  6. Sleep! Vacation is a time to catch up on rest and sleep. Take more naps than you normally would during a work week and try to get that full 8 hours of sleep. Our family trip to Italy, we did a lot of walking and (eating) but often took a late afternoon nap before we explored more at night. It felt great!

If you are getting ready for a trip and feeling any physical discomfort or pain call us at Restore. We can address any issues you are having, get you feeling better and provide you with tips to keep you healthy and more relaxed while on vacation. From a mindful standpoint, a good friend of mine, Dr. Wendy Orr told me to do a “brain-dump” before vacation. Write anything down you don’t want to deal with or think about so you can truly enjoy your time and be present. Set your intention for the day and enjoy every minute of it!

I hope this helps you with your next travel plans and vacation.

Happy Summer Everyone!