5 Tips to Ease Your Neck Pain

5 Tips to Ease Your Neck Pain

Are you someone who is constantly grabbing your neck? Rubbing it, or trying to support it? Do you feel like you are always trying to stretch it out to ease your pain?

If  you said yes to any of these questions, your neck could use a little therapy and self care!

Avoid CONSTANT forward head posture:

  1. Whether you are working out , sitting at your desk, or driving, be mindful of the position of your neck. 

  2. Notice I said the word “CONSTANT” forward head. It’s okay to allow your head to go forward but problems start when you stay in that position ALL day long.

  3. Forward head posture puts a larger load on the spine and causes your muscles to work harder to hold your head up. This in turn causes tightness and limitations in your total range of motion.

Set up a healthy ERGONOMIC work space:

Healthy NECK

Healthy NECK

  1. Invest in a standing desk to make it easier to maintain a healthy work space. This gives you the option to sit or stand. 

  2. Make sure your computer is right in front of you to avoid constant neck rotation.

  3. Make sure your keyboard is at the right height so your wrists are in a neutral position- not too flexed and not too extended.

  4. Keep your head over your shoulders and relax your muscles.

  5. Take deep breaths throughout your day to avoid increased tension in your shoulder and neck muscles.

Learn how to strengthen the muscles in your upper back, shoulders and neck to make it easier for you to sit up right and hold your head up. Check out this post for more sample exercises.

  1. Scapular Squeezes, Shoulder Shrugs and Chin Tucks are just a few examples of exercises to help support your neck.

Avoid the same posture all day long:

  1. Get up and stretch. 

  2. Walk around every hour. 

  3. Stand for part of your day. 

SELF -CARE for Your Neck:

  1. Learn a routine of self-release techniques, stretches or movements to keep your muscles and joints healthy. Check out this post for sample exercises.

Call us at Restore Physical Therapy for a free Discovery Session to see if physical therapy is right for you! When was the last time your neck has had a check up? 401-250-3060.

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