5 Tips to Keep Your Back Healthy and Out of Pain

  1. Develop Good Posture and Make it a Habit.  While standing think about making an arch through your feet, maintain your knees over your ankles and pelvis over your knees. Keep a curve in your low back. Keep your shoulders over your pelvis and your chin tucked to avoid forward head posture. When sitting maintain the same posture. Keep the curve in your low back, shoulder blades back, chin in and engage your abdominal muscles. You should feel relaxed but notice muscles working to maintain these postures.

  2. Stay Flexible and Mobile: Our bodies are meant to move! To offset the sitting you may be doing all day, try to get up every hour and stand tall, reach your arms up over head and take frequent walks. Get in a routine with a few stretches you do daily to keep your muscles and joints healthy.

  3. Lift with Proper Form: We all should be able to lift objects from the ground, but it helps if we are aware of our body position while doing this. If you are picking something up, make sure it is directly in front of you. Squat down with your legs, engage your stomach and glute muscles as you stand-pushing through your heels. Make sure to keep object close to your body.

  4. Keep Your Muscles Strong: It is imperative for our muscles to have appropriate strength to avoid injury while performing everyday tasks. We should train our muscles for what we want them to do for us each day. If it is sitting, our core should be strong to maintain good posture. If we lift all day, our core and legs should be strong. If you push, pull, or perform overhead activities, your shoulders should be strong! Having strong muscles will prevent joint injury, prevent arthritis and tendinitis.

  5. Go to Physical Therapy: Restore’s Physical Therapists are the experts when it comes to analyzing the spine and body movement. If you are suffering from either chronic or acute back pain, physical therapy will help you. At restore we will conduct a thorough examination of your spine and hips. We will explain to you the root cause of the problem and design a treatment plan that will help you return to what you love pain-free. A combination of hands-on therapy and specific exercises for your body’s needs will get you feeling better. It is always a good idea to have a maintenance check up with a Physical therapist to keep your body healthy! Call us today for an appointment and schedule a free 20 minute screening.


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