Health & Wellness Professionals Gather Together for You!

This month Restore Physical Therapy and Olympia Fitness held a wonderful event to bring together local health and wellness professionals. From nutrition to performance to skin care to hearing care. We had it all! If you didn’t get a chance to come visit read this blog and check each vendor out at their storefront or website! They are here to meet all your health and wellness needs, for your mind, your body and soul!

For your nutritional needs: Malchar Wellness Center offers a nutritional program that not only takes into account what foods to eat but they will complete testing for any allergies or sensitivities you may have. They will do a thorough assessment and help reach your goals with their individualized step by step coaching. After you have met with them, check out your local smoothie and healthy food store- GOAL FOOD. Don’t have time to make breakfast, lunch or dinner? They have it covered. They will deliver prepared healthy meals right to your door, specific to your needs! And don’t forget about their delicious smoothies! I love the blueberry smoothie! If you need more healthy snack options, a new protein or other allergy sensitive foods, INNOVATION FITNESS should be your go to place! They got your macros covered! They have a variety of healthy options, different then your local grocery store. Not only do they have great healthy snack options but their athletic attire is great too!

Having pain? We got that covered too! First and foremost call Amanda at Restore PT for a free consultation or sign up for a 20 minute discovery session. She will guide you in the right direction! In addition to an assessment by Dr. Amanda Zarriello, call Michelle at Power of Touch for a sports massage and cupping session. Or make an appointment with NE Cryo- and get a 3 minute cryo session. This will pump out the inflammation in your body and decrease your pain! You will feel a difference in minutes! CBD store of RI- your local CBD store has a variety of oils and creams to help decrease pain, inflammation and make you feel more relaxed! Do you need more medical advice on your medication?- Van Eeghen Pharmacy will take great care of you! They take a personal approach to your pharmaceutical needs and will look out for you. You are not just a number with them! Get your prescriptions delivered to your house and packaged in very organized way!

Now let's focus on your mind and soul! Everyone could use some compassion and positive healing in their life. No questions asked, SALT- Elyse and Courtney will change your life! They will teach you everything about mindful practice, compassion and help relate this practice to your personal needs and feelings. Along their side, Landon Dumar from Mental Strength Performance will help you whether you are an athlete, firefighter or any active individual trying to reach your goals. And last but not least a wonderful life coach, one and only Life Mastery Consultant, Benjamin Blackett, from a Creative Healing Place. He will help you reach your dreams and wildly important goals! Do you want to make money paddle boarding in France? Travel the world? Or just be in a stronger relationship, he is the guy for you!

Let’s talk about how you can exercise, prevent injury, build strength, power and improve performance at the best gym in the state, Olympia Fitness and Performance! The camaraderie, coaching and caring atmosphere makes you want to not only work out, but hang out there for hours! Olympia trains athletes of all ages from high school to professional, they offer regular adult classes, personal training, programs for fire/police and golfers! Do you live in the South County area? Don’t worry we have someone there too- Steve Crandall Strength and Conditioning will get your athletes to the next level. He will give you a chance to keep up with your kids, and prevent injury completing every day tasks. Some of the best strength coaches in the state are listed here! They have a collegiate background and the best certifications for what they do. Don’t go to just any personal trainer. Go work with the best in the state!

Lets talk about how to De-stress! Who doesn’t need that? Flo De-Stressing Center in Wakefield RI uses geometries and high efficient technologies to help you de-stress. Another great way to de-stress is getting a facial with Sienna & Co. Sienna gives some of the best facials, making you feel rejuvenated and refreshed! Check her site out for all the other great services she offers.

Specialty treatment like your hearing care or dental care: Dr. Micheline Gauthier from Atlantic Audiology will take great care of you, whether you are 30, 50 or 80. If you are noticing your hearing is decreasing go see Dr. Gauthier. She that right hearing aide for you! Don’t wait!

Did you get your free invisalign scan from Dr. Brad Truchetta from RI Orthodontics? They will give you a beautiful smile with their invisalign product! No one will know you have braces. This is a wonderful family practice who cares. In addition to braces, they have a variety of mouth guards and whitening kits.

Do you have family in need of Hospice care? Continuum Home hospice is a privately owned company who will take the best care of your loved ones. You are not just a number with this company, they truly care. Not sure what hospice is or who qualifies? Michele Carignan, their hospice liaison will answer all your questions!

Lets not forget about our safety! We want to give a special thanks to Jay Waterman, Warwick Fire-fighter and EMT who provided us with first aid and CPR demonstrations. If you ever need a CPR certification he will help you out! We also want to thank our local Cranston K9 Officers who put on a great show for us with their K9’s. These dogs help keep our neighborhood and our police officers safe!

Need health care coverage and not sure which direction to go? We had a UNH representative, a Medicare consultant- Tom Rolin, and an Aflac representative- Scott Benjamin at the fair. If you have questions about your medical coverage, or want to learn about other opportunities to make money when you use your medical, contact these guys!

Last but not a least a huge shout out to Ron Robert from Little Rhody Sports talk show radio, who went live during this event and interviewed all these great health professionals that day. Thank you to RI blood bank for being on site! As a group we collected 17 pints of blood and raised $1000 to Cranston High School Athletics!

We hope to have this event yearly and bring more awareness to the community about health and wellness for your mind, body and soul. Our goal is to teach people how to be proactive with their health!

See you next year!

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